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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Tree Grows in West Philadelphia Part 2

The "Tree of Life" is coming along just fine and we are planning on installing this coming week. We have to go before hand to dig and  pour a large concrete footing.

Emile Liedue HAs finished up cutting the glass and is begining to install the glass into the thin set. Then she will grout everything in and seal it.

It looks really cool, we cant wait to see it standing up in its new home. We built this piece to easily assemble and disassemble. The reason for this is that it will only be at the current location temporarily and will in the not to distant future be moved to another location. This poses a little bit of a challenge because it is much easier to load in and weld everything together rather than design and fabricate it with mechanical attachment points. Its cool though, we love a challenge.

It is being fabricated in several pieces. The circles are in a few different pieces, The branches are one piece, the structural post is another and then the trunk facade will bolt on front.

The artwork is only one sided and will not be visible to the public from behind so we are able to "hide" the structure behind the scenes.

This post will hold the steel branches up and then the trunk piece will bolt onto the front.

The trunk piece and the branches are being painted brown with four coats of oil base paint.

In this picture note the bolt tabs where the art work will bolt on in the field.

I sure hope all of those bolt holes line up. 
: )

Almost there, just a couple of more days and we will be done. We are very excited to see the finished project installed so that we can move onto our next project.

Emilie and I are thinking about taking a more "Gorilla" approach to getting some of our collaborations out there. Keep an eye out in Philadelphia. Something may turn up in your hood!

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